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Cognitive Modeling in dynamic Human-Machine SystemsMaria Wirzberger


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Maria Wirzberger, M.Sc.


(01/2015 - 03/2015)

Student Employee
(05/2014 - 12/2014)







Duties and Responsibilities

  • Teaching within the module "Modeling and simulation in human-machine systems" in winter term 2014/15
  • Website establishment and maintenance



Research interests

  • Cognitive modeling of interruption with ACT-R
  • Visual attention and distraction in applied settings
  • Mental/ cognitive load in human-technology interaction
  • Instructional design in multimedia learning



Academic memberships



Awards and Achievements

  • Germany scholarship 2013/14 at the TU Berlin, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and IBM Germany; within this context media feature for the Germany scholarship website of the BMBF




"Bruder sein, das ist nicht schwer, Schwester sein dagegen sehr?" – Geschlechtsspezifische Betrachtungsweisen zur Situation von Geschwistern behinderter Kinder und Jugendlicher
Citation key Wirzberger2005
Author Wirzberger, M.
Year 2005
Address Bochum
School Evangelische Fachhochschule Rheinland-Westfalen-Lippe
Bibtex Type of Publication Diplomarbeit
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