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Evaluation through Imaging Procedures

The goal is to validate a cognitive model (like an ACT-R model) using the neurophysiological method of EEG. The idea is to gain access to the underlying cognitive processes of the participant during a task and to use those for validation - instead of just using behavioural measurements like accuracy rates and reaction times.


Team Evaluation through Imaging Procedures

Nele Russwinkel [1]

Sabine Prezenski [2]

Philipp Klemm [3]



Project-related Publications

Prezenski, S. and Russwinkel, N. (2016). A proposed method of matching ACT-R and EEG-Data [4]. In D. Reitter & F. E. Ritter (Eds.), Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling, p. 249-251. Link to publication [5] Link to original publication [6]

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