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Natural Decision Making

How do humans actual make decisions? Naturalistic decision-making research investigates how decisions are made “in the wild.” Real-life decisions made by people with some kind of expertise are investigated in the context of limited time, conflicting goals, dynamically changing conditions, and information sources of varying reliability. Such complex situations involve further aspects that cannot all be covered in combination with classical experimental research. Nevertheless, researchers should aim at describing, understanding and predicting human behavior in its complexity. What methods can be used to investigate how humans make decisions in dynamic settings?

We are currently investigating the decision process during skiing in order to help freeriders make better and safer decision in the future. Hereby we use qualitative methods such as think-out loud protocols and content analysis. In our research we outline to what extent cognitive modeling approaches can address the complexity of the human decision-making process.





Team Natural Decision Making

Sabine Prezenski

Ziying Zhang

Kenneth zur Kammer

Martin Krabbe



Project-related Publications

A Cognitive Modeling Approach to Strategy Formation in Dynamic Decision Making
Citation key Prezenski2017b
Author Prezenski, S. and Brechmann, A. and Wolff, S. and Russwinkel, N.
Pages 1-18
Year 2017
DOI 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01335
Journal Front. Psychol.
Volume 8
Number 1335
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