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Invited Talks

Nele Russwinkel [1] was invited by the University of Oldenburg to give a lecture on "Dynamic cognitive systems approaches for cooperative human-technology interaction" on December 13, 2019.

Nele Russwinkel [2] was invited by the University of Paderborn to give a lecture on "Cognitive Systems for Cooperative Human-Technology Interaction" on November 27, 2019.

Guest Lectures at the department

  • Prof. Dr. Dieter Wallach in the colloquium

    With an engaging lecture on the 15th of January 2020 Prof. Dr. Dieter Wallach gave an insight into the application-oriented use of cognitive modeling.

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Beckerle in the colloquium

    During an interesting talk on Human Robot Interaction Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Beckerle presented his work on the 18th of December 2019 in the KKE Colloquium.

Current Schedule

Nele Russwinkel [3] and Kai Preuss [4] held their virtual talk Workload-over-time modeling in a cognitive architecture on July 29th, 2020 during the workshop "Mental Effort: One Construct, Many Faces?" as part of CogSci 2020 (Workshop website [5] | Recorded talk [6]).

On July 25th, 2020, Nele Russwinkel [7] gave a presentation entitled Anticipating the Individual User at the 27th annual ACT-R Workshop at the International Conference on Cognitive Modeling.

Nele Russwinkel [8] was at the IHSI 2020 in Modena (3rd International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration: Integrating People and Intelligent Systems) from 19th to 21st February 2020 with two contributions:

  • Category Learning as a Use Case for Anticipating Individual Human Decision Making by Intelligent Systems. (Marcel Lommerzheim, Sabine Prezenski, Nele Russwinkel, André Brechmann) 
  • Towards Cognitive Assistance and Teaming in Aviation by Inferring Pilot's Mental State. (Nele Russwinkel, Christoph Vernaleken, Oliver Klaproth)

From July 19th to 22nd, Nele Russwinkel [9], Oliver Klaproth [10], Kai Preuss [11], Marlene Scharfe [12] and Sebastian Wiese [13] visited the ICCM 2019 [14] in Montreal, Canada. Afterwards Nele Russwinkel [15], Kai Preuss [16] and Marlene Scharfe [17] took part in the CogSci 2019 [18], also in Montreal.

Kai Preuss [19] takes part in the Cognitive Modeling Spring School [20] on 8.-12. April 2019 in Groningen.

From 28th to 29th March 2019 Nele Russwinkel is invited to the Ladenburger Diskurs of the Daimler und Benz Stiftung on the topic of Human-Robot-Collaboration (Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration, MRK) with a talk titled Antizipierende, interaktiv Lernende autonome Agenten (Anticipating, Interactively Learning Autonomous Agents)

On 24th March 2019 Nele Russwinkel [21] is invited to the Dagstuhl Seminar 19132: Users and automated driving systems: How will we interact with tomorrow's vehicles?

On 30th January 2019 Nele Russwinkel [22] is invited to a talk at the "Gießener Abendgespräche Kognition und Gehirn" at University of Giessen.

From 21th - 23th November 2018, Alexander Lotz [23], Marlene Scharfe, Alexandra Weidemann [24] und Nele Russwinkel [25] were at the 2nd Winter School - Human Factors Aspects of Cooperative Systems Design, HUFACO 2018 with their contribution "Anticipating the user for cooperative assistance systems". Part of the project Neuroadaptive Cognitive Modeling [26] (Kroll, L. R., Klaproth, O., Vernaleken, V., Wetzel, I., Gaertner J., Russwinkel, N., & Zander T.O. (2018). Towards a Neuroadaptive Cockpit: First Results. 3rd International Mobile Brain/Body Imaging Conference. Berlin Germany.).

Interview [27] by Sabine [28] for the ZEWK Praxis Blog (german) about the E-Learning Course Human Factors Engineering, November 2018.

On October 12th 2018 Martin Krabbe [29] and Kenneth zur Kammer [30] held a workshop at the Human Factors Summer School at TU Berlin and presented the AVALANCHE [31] project.

9th Oktober 2018 Sabine Prezenski [32] gives a talk at the ISSW 2018 in Innsbruck, Austria.

"Designing a wearable persuasive avalanche warning system" by Sabine Prezenski, Nele Rußwinkel and Khin Than Win

18th September 2018 Sabine Prezenski [33] gives a talk at the Birthday Symposium of Dietrich Dörner "Complex Problem Solving" at the DGPS in Frankfurt.

"To what extent can ACT-R models address Complex Problem Solving?" by Sabine Prezenski, André Brechmann,  Susann Wolff, Nele Russwinkel

On September 3rd 2018 Nele Russwinkel [34] presents the topic "Deciphering Dynamic Decision Making Using Cognitive Modeling Including Subjective Assessment" ;Ziying Zhang, Nele Rußwinkel & Sabine Prezenski, at the KogWis in Darmstadt.

24th August 2018 Sabine Prezenski [35] gives a talk to present the joint work of Ziying Zhang and Nele Russwinkel at the HLAI/BICA 2018 in Praque.

"Modeling Individual Strategies in Dynamic Decision-making with ACT-R: A Task Toward Decision-making Assistance in HCI" by Ziying Zhang, Nele Russwinkel and Sabine Prezenski

21st-24th July 2018 we present our current work at the International Conference on Cognitive Modeling (ICCM 2018) [36] in Madison, United States:

  • ACT-Droid Meets ACT-Touch: Modelling Differences in Swiping Behavior with Real Apps
    von Nele Russwinkel [37], Sabine Prezenski [38], Lisa-Madeleine Dörr [39] and Frank Tamborello
  • Comparing Models of Visual Search in Heterogeneous Search Fields
    von Stefan Lindner [40], Lennart Arlt [41] and Nele Russwinkel [42]

5th July 2018 Nele Russwinkel [43] is invited to give talk on "Kognitive Modellierung für mehr Verständnis zwischen Mensch und Technik" in the context of the Kognitionswissenschaftliches Kolloquiums at the University Tübingen.

27th April 2018 Nele Russwinkel [44] gave a keynote "Verständliche Mensch-Technik-Interaktion" at the Abschlussveranstaltung der Fördermaßnahme „Adaptive, lernende Systeme“ des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (Referat 524, Mensch-Technik-Interaktion; Demografischer Wandel).

11th January 2018 Nele Russwinkel [45] gave a talk on "Towards Cognition Centered Design" at the Colloquium Cognitive Systems [46] at the University Ulm, Germany.

8th November 2017 Sabine Prezenski [47] gave a talk at the Centre for Persuasive Technology and Society Workshop [48] at the University of Wollongong, Australia.

22nd-25th July 2017 presented Nele Russwinkel [49], Sabine Prezenski [50], Stefan Lindner [51] and Oliver Klaproth [52] their current work at the International Conference on Cognitive Modeling (ICCM 2017) [53] in Warwick, England:

  • Implementing Mental Model Updating in ACT-R [54]
  • Modeling of Visual Search and Influence of Item Similarity [55]
  • Conceptual Approach to Model the Effects of Feedback on Mental Model Activation [56]

We will present our work at VISIGRAPP/HUCAPP 2017 in Porto. On February the 27th Sabine Prezenski [57] will give a talk about "Predictive Cognitive Modelling of Applications". This is a joint project of Sabine, Dominik and Nele.

9th February 2017 at 6 pm we are participating in the Hybrid Talks [58]. Nele Russwinkel [59] will present: "How our Actions Influence the Perception of Time; Predictions about the Perception of Time when Using Technological Devices". An audio record of the presentation (in German) is available here [60].
Location: Hybrid Lab, TU Berlin, Villa Bell, Marchstraße 8, 10587 Berlin


The call for the ICCM 2017 [61] in Warwick, UK is online!


If you're looking for a current Master Thesis [62], we offer a large variety!



Talks and Private Contributions of the Last Years

In 2016 we present our research on various occations:

  • 16th September 2016 Nele Russwinkel [63] gives a lecture on "Human Computer Interaktion" at the Science Notes [64] dealing with "Der erweiterte Mensch" at Astra Berlin.
  • 7th-10th August 2016 Nele Russwinkel [65] and Sabine Prezenski [66] will participate at the ACT-R Post-Graduate Summer School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Nele Russwinkel [67] will give a talk on Spatial Module and Mental Rotation.
  • 3rd-6th August 2016 Nele Russwinkel [68], Sabine Prezenski [69] and Stefan Lindner [70] will present their latest work at the International Conference on Cognitive Modeling (ICCM) [71] in University Park, Pennsylvania.
  • 15th April 2016 Prof. Nele Rußwinkel [72] is invited to the 2nd Workshop Mensch Maschine Interaktion in der Chirurgie, at the Leibniz Universität, Hannover.
  • 14th-16th March 2016 Nele Rußwinkel [73] is invited as a Keynote for the 5th Workshop Kognitive Systeme: Mensch, Teams, Systeme und Automaten - Verstehen, Beschreiben und Gestalten kognitiver technischer Systeme at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Furthermore, Alexander Lotz [74] will present current research by the topic Role of Familiarity in Spatial Competence.

In 2015 we present our research on various occations:

  • From 7th-9th October 2015 we are introducing our division at the 11th Berliner Werkstatt Mensch-Machine-Systeme (BWMMS [75]), Berlin, Germany. Our division takes part in the organization of the BWMMS [76].
  • In April 2015 our division took part in the ICCM in Groningen.
  • At January 29th, 2015 Nele Rußwinkel [77] introduces our chair within the colloquium of the study course "Kognitionswissenschaft" [78] at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg [79]. Besides of broaching the issue of researching within applied human-machine contexts, she will deliver insight into some of our current research projects.
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